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It has been such a pleasure being a part of the street team for Come, Lord Jesus: the Weight of Waiting and reading all of the different guest posts on Kris Camealy’s blog. Today Amanda Holland shares her words on waiting. I pray you are as encouraged as I am by these truths. 

Advent is a time of waiting. It’s a time to remember that God’s time isn’t our time, because His time is perfect. His plans and His gifts are worth the wait.

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This quote from Come, Lord Jesus: the Weight of Waiting seeps right into my heart this Tuesday morning.  It often, sometimes daily, FEELS as if I’m still captive to my sin and brokenness.  It does today if I may be so transparent.  I scrolled through the quotes from this beautiful Advent book, and Jesus had me rest on this one.  Regardless of my feelings, I am not imprisoned by my sin or my brokenness.  I am captivated by the HOPE of Jesus – of His first coming as a babe in a crèche, of His promised return, and the reality that He walks this present day with me.  Not only does His hope seep deep in the brokenness of my physical body and heart, HE Himself penetrates and surrounds and goes before and brings up the rear.  And I am left to praise Him.

Everything about this guest post from Terri Conlin made my heart smile and sweet tears form. 

“That struggle to rearrange continues in us today. We may make room for Christ, but then so many things rush in to fill the space – shopping, wrapping, decorating, visiting, card writing and cooking. Not one of them is bad unless Jesus is never home.”

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It wasn’t until I was an adult that I began celebrating Advent. Parker & I were given an Advent wreath by a dear friend of ours when we began asking questions about the traditions of Advent. She also gave us paper placemats with several Christmas carols on them. And those placemats still come out each Sunday of Advent and we each choose a carol to sing as a family and take turns lighting our Advent candles. My heart could completely relate with Karen Sipp’s guest post on Kris Camealy’s blog today. I am ever so thankful that Jesus has taught us how to celebrate the “waiting” of Advent and given us beautiful traditions to share with our three loves including this lovely new book Come, Lord Jesus: the Weight of Waiting. 

I think you will enjoy Karen Sipp’s guest post.

As I said in an earlier post, I will be sharing the guest posts on Kris Camealy’s blog. Today Emily Conrad shares her beautiful words. 

I entitled this post ‘Chosen’ because as I read Emily’s words, Father God impressed heavily on my heart (again) how very chosen I am by Him! He chose to create me, give me to my parents, and place me on this planet in October of 1969. One would think at 47 years old, this truth would not overwhelm me as it did this morning. I was reminded of these pictures that my husband copied from one of my mom’s albums years ago, so I found them to share with you. I’ve shared my favorites, and even these are difficult for me to put out here for all to see. You see, I was not happy with this gift from Parker. He knew I would not be, but he also knew that Father God was teaching me how very valuable I was to Him, for no other reason than simply existing. He made me, and He gave me His beauty. This is a hard truth to live when you have not believed it for a long time. I hated pictures of myself, and I’m still not super crazy about them. I am trying. I really am.  I was encouraged by these words this morning, and I’m going to guess that I am not the only one that has struggled with this. This is why I’m sharing this. I truly am not looking for affirmation from anyone. I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt the value I hold. And it is because Jesus has taught me this and keeps teaching and reminding me in so many ways each day. Of course, His word is enough, but He also uses the words of others such as Kris & Emily to reinforce all He is speaking over me. So please accept His words of truth over you and let them completely drown out the lies of the enemy if this is something you also struggle with. 

Here is an excerpt of Emily’s words:

“Into the dangerous or unconventional and into seasons of waiting, as Kris points out, and also, for many of us much of the time, into the ordinary. Because whatever else he has chosen us for, the Creator of this beautiful earth, of each person we love, of each detail we can taste or touch or hear or see or smell—and many we can’t—this Creator and Savior has chosen us for an everlasting relationship with Himself.”

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