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My sweet friend read and reviewed this book. It caught my interest a few weeks ago when I was introduced to it through a video series. Now it is on my list. Thank you, Susan. ❤ Enjoy her words, I always do.

And, Per Se And

My day begins a little like this-I peek through sleep filled eyes to see what is on the other side of my window. Rolling over, I groan a bit and drag myself out of bed. Lumbering toward the bathroom, I begin the laborious task of pulling on my straitjacket for the day.

I lift the heavy garment, lamenting that I’d rather be back in my warm bed than heading into another day that, let’s face it, will be status quo. I slide one arm into the first sleeve while facing the mirror and assessing my morning face and hair. Ugh, too old, too gray, too fat again today. Shrugging into the second sleeve, I go over my to-do list for the day all the while wishing I didn’t have to try and force my thighs into jeans.

Making my way into the kitchen, I grab my phone and begin mindlessly scrolling…

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Thank you for your words and thank you for your presence in my life, dearest friend.

These words from my friend Angie will warm you. Happy Christmas all.

Angela M. Shupe

“He has made the lowly and humble to be lifted up. That is the wonder of wonders, that God loves the lowly: ‘God has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.’

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Christine Hiester’s guest post is on Kris Camealy’s blog today.

In reading Kris’ Advent reflections, I recognize the same weight of waiting, and the same precious response of tenderness from a God who is truly with us. It is a book of blessing, and substance, and quiet grace. Kris gives words to the cries of all of our hearts, as we open our hands to receive His presence in all circumstances, and whisper, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

This beautiful soul is one I have “met” through the street team for Come, Lord Jesus. There is beautiful truth in her words.

And, Per Se And

This is a repost of something I put on my website (I will be migrating more writing over there as time goes by). I am stepping carefully out and pray for what is coming next…

Think about this…what if brokenness could be seen as a blessing? So often we equate blessing with happiness, possessions, the good things happening in our lives. What if we saw our brokenness as a blessing? What if the struggle of brokenness-whatever its form-is so that we can better live into the promises of God?  Something that invites change, makes us more aware, teaches us empathy?

It is far too easy to slip into the idea of blessing, and I think that is what it has become-the idea of it, not the fullness of it.  I love how Jen Hatmaker put it in For the Love (I am paraphrasing here)-

If it cannot be said-if it…

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So very well said.

Teacups in the Jungle

Last month, while Danny was gone for a few weeks on a ministry related trip, Izzy, Judah and I spent the time at the mission’s guesthouse in town. We continued on with homeschool and our regular daily routines, while Danny was traveling, by helicopter, all over the Philippines, visiting various villages in the jungle and witnessing first hand the work of the Lord in different languages as God raises a church to honour and worship Him. Our lives could not have been more different for those few weeks as he was out there on the front lines, while I was quietly putting in our days and waiting for him to come home.


After we were all reunited at the guesthouse in town, we headed out together for dinner one evening. I walked ahead in the cool of the evening to open the gate and enjoy a little fresh air. There…

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My dear friend, Angela Shupe, is an amazing writer. This is one of her short stories. Her story is on page 15 of the journal.

Angela M. Shupe

“The Scent of Maple” is now available to read online in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s literary journal, Westview.

“The Scent of Maple” is a story about the unlikely friendship of a woman named Annie and a curious five-year-old named Ben. You can read it here.

Hope you enjoy the story.

Westview Spring-Summer 2015

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This is a precious friend of mine. I just had to share. Happy Christmas!

Angela M. Shupe

PAUSEToday I’m excited to be over at SheLoves Magazine for their Paused + Present: Women of Advent Series.

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This is my very first reblog, and I am honored to share a most precious friend’s words & snippet of her life. She is such a gift to me in so many levels. Read her stuff, you will be blessed.

Angela M. Shupe

I love a good story. I’m drawn to storytellers. So, it makes sense that I love reading. Being transported to another world and walking through adventure with a character on a page is not only fun, but opens a world of imagination.

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Yup! That is what He says. He is with you. He is mighty to save. He takes great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. And He will REJOICE OVER YOU WITH SINGING!! With singing even! This verse has ministered to my soul in so many ways over the years. Years ago, I received a small note in the mail from my dear best friend. She has the kind of sweet handwriting that just makes me smile. My heart smiles just receiving an envelope addressed by her. And tucked in this particular note was this verse, Zephaniah 3:17. It immediately went into my memory verse journal, a gift also given to me by my Angie. Sunday I was doodling some sweet little birds and I knew these were the illustrations that would accompany this precious verse. Oh how I want to truly live this verse! Each day I want to face this world believing these truths. Do I really believe these words? Do I dance as I hear HIM, the Creator Himself, singing over me?  Do I live in the anticipation that this day, He will take great delight in me? Do I rest in the fact that He is mighty to save me when this world throws me for a loop? Do I walk in confidence knowing He is with me? Oh, I so very badly want to. 

Abba, help me with my unbelief.  When things of this world attempt to drown out Your voice, give me ears to hear Your singing. Thank You for Your faithfulness & love!! 



As I stood doing dishes, I glanced up to see a most beautiful scene. The dirty ugly snow piles that line our street are quickly being covered by the fresh pure white snow that is falling. And it hit me, this is why I love snow. It is a picture, a tangible symbol of the pure white sinless covering I have because of the sacrifice of our Christ. It covers me daily with a fresh whiteness that reflects His light even on overcast days such as this one. I am mesmerized as I stand & watch it out the window & I worship! Thank you sweetest Holy Abba, my savior Jesus & Holy one who resides with me continually!
Lori Jean ❄️

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