My sweet friend read and reviewed this book. It caught my interest a few weeks ago when I was introduced to it through a video series. Now it is on my list. Thank you, Susan. ❤ Enjoy her words, I always do.

And, Per Se And

My day begins a little like this-I peek through sleep filled eyes to see what is on the other side of my window. Rolling over, I groan a bit and drag myself out of bed. Lumbering toward the bathroom, I begin the laborious task of pulling on my straitjacket for the day.

I lift the heavy garment, lamenting that I’d rather be back in my warm bed than heading into another day that, let’s face it, will be status quo. I slide one arm into the first sleeve while facing the mirror and assessing my morning face and hair. Ugh, too old, too gray, too fat again today. Shrugging into the second sleeve, I go over my to-do list for the day all the while wishing I didn’t have to try and force my thighs into jeans.

Making my way into the kitchen, I grab my phone and begin mindlessly scrolling…

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