This beautiful soul is one I have “met” through the street team for Come, Lord Jesus. There is beautiful truth in her words.

And, Per Se And

This is a repost of something I put on my website (I will be migrating more writing over there as time goes by). I am stepping carefully out and pray for what is coming next…

Think about this…what if brokenness could be seen as a blessing? So often we equate blessing with happiness, possessions, the good things happening in our lives. What if we saw our brokenness as a blessing? What if the struggle of brokenness-whatever its form-is so that we can better live into the promises of God?  Something that invites change, makes us more aware, teaches us empathy?

It is far too easy to slip into the idea of blessing, and I think that is what it has become-the idea of it, not the fullness of it.  I love how Jen Hatmaker put it in For the Love (I am paraphrasing here)-

If it cannot be said-if it…

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