Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, especially all the preparations. My mother created a most festive atmosphere which heightened our anticipation of Christmas. The house was decorated beautifully, new Christmas crafts were often introduced, the baking began early, and hearing my mom’s memories of her childhood Christmases were cherished stories. I always knew that Christmas was because of Jesus and ultimately we celebrated Him. However I did not grow up in a church that acknowledged Advent. I had heard of it, along with Lent, and knew it had something to do with Jesus, but it was not  celebrated in any way. After I was married and before we had kids, Father began introducing us to Advent. My heart thrilled to learn of its actual meaning, and I finally celebrated it. I will admit that we have integrated several Advent traditions into our family’s Christmas including the lighting of candles each Sunday along with singing Christmas carols and daily and weekly readings.  Some things have changed throughout the years as our family has grown, and we remain open to whatever God wants to bless our family with. This past year I happened upon a woman named Kris Camealy on Instagram and began following her journey in those little squares. In August I had volunteered to be on her street team for her new Advent book, Come, Lord Jesus the Weight of Waiting, that would be released October 18. I am excited to add this delightful book to our Advent celebration and look forward to rereading it starting December 1st!  Kris had invited us to write guest posts for her blog which I will be sharing here as well. I highly recommend this lovely book to help usher you into the most wonderful time of the year.