I hate it when I see something or hear of something that is unjust. I want to to fix it and make it just. I want justice for all! I have learned that often things appear to be unjust, and there is truly nothing I can do to change it. However, I have a God who loves justice even more than I do. In fact, it is because of Him and His love for justice that I get so upset when I witness or experience an act of injustice. And He has taught me that because He loves justice that He Himself will handle all the injustices, all of them!  I may not get to be a part of the solution or ever see it fixed, but I know  that He is the answer and will handle all things according to His perfect and very just ways. I am so thankful that we can trust Him and believe Him in all things. And I’m even more thankful that because of Jesus, I can count myself among the virtuous and that I will see His face.  His grace is ever so sweet!