I am having so much fun copying God’s Word in fun fonts & incorporating doodling & coloring. Honestly, I hated drawing & coloring as a child. I could not draw, seriously could not draw. And I couldn’t color either. My sister was the artist. I was always amazed at her ability to just draw whatever she wanted. I so badly wanted to be like her in so many ways. I was a very late bloomer and did not discover that I could draw and even paint some until after I was married. Now that I’m writing this, I realize that I can’t think of any special skill or talent in which I could draw (no pun intended) any amount of confidence during my childhood. I don’t feel sad at this realization, it’s just a fact. I do remember knowing that God was with me. I talked to Him a lot and asked so many questions like, “Why did my parents get a divorce?”, “Why do I have to have red hair and white, white skin with freckles that appear green when I get a sunburn?”, & “Why did you choose for me to be born in America with freedom and enough of everything I could need or want?” I just somehow knew that it was okay with Him to ask Him all sorts of things and that He wasn’t mad at me for hurting or wondering. He stayed so close, and He also spoke to my heart & encouraged me to stick with Him, that He would teach me all I wanted & needed to know. And I believed Him. Years ago, I began a journal with just verses that I wanted to remember or verses that jumped off the page at me. I have often read those verses aloud to my man or myself, and even to my sister, when life just felt like it was crashing all around our feet. In fact, God gave me the idea to start the journal after a particularly painful period in our lives. And I have continued since that time to journal His Word. Then came Pinterest, and I started seeing such creative ways of copying His life-giving Word! I had to try it myself, and a new passion has been birthed. Not only do I have a fresh new way of copying scripture, I also have an avenue to doodle and draw & color with really cool pens! I am thrilled to see where Father God is going to take this new path & passion. He had me jot down this verse several days ago and then had me add it to a page of doodles that I had done back in January. I love the simple & profound truth of it. I pray that whoever is reading this knows that our God approaches and He is not silent. He is active and deliberate and interactive. He loves you and is crazy about you and has plans that far exceed all your mind truly can conceive. Believe Him. Enjoy Him. Cling to Him.