IMG_7334I really love this picture.  I know I used it not long ago in another post, but I don’t care, I want to use it again.  My man-child took this picture with his phone and an after market lens he got for Christmas.  It’s amazing and captures this snowflake beautifully.  It thrills me to see him explore his love for photography and nature.  He’s my nature kid and shares my love of the individual & unique characteristics that cause one to pause and see God’s handiwork in the details.  When I saw today’s prompt, my first thought was snow.  I’ve written about snow before and all it symbolizes to me personally, and I know it truly is a gift to me throughout the year.  Living in southeast Michigan, it’s not always a given that we will get snow.  And I even get kind of inwardly crabby and whiney when we don’t have it for Christmas.  I even like it as early as Thanksgiving.  My enthusiasm for it is not super popular with my fellow Michiganders who complain about it.  But I’m ok with that.  I even bought a picture to frame from Mackinac Island in July of a snow-covered branch and I leave it up all year.  I know, there is no end to my rebellion.  🙂  Snow is beautiful, and glistens, and blankets IMG_7635the new life that awaits spring.

Lucy is my next gift of white.  She is 5 lbs of chihuahua sweetness (most of the time) and love and devotion and cuteness and she adores me and tolerates being dressed!  She tolerates it because she is freezing all but one month out of the year.  She does not share my fondness for snow, but will do her best to get to the squirrels despite it.  It’s a quick chase, then back to the couch and blankets!  IMG_7484Lucy is truly a gift from our Abba.  The story of how she came into our family is remarkable and I’m guessing it will make it to a blog post at some point.  But for today, I will give you the very quick version.   Our lab of 13 years died on a Wednesday, on Monday we asked God to give us new life in the form of a puppy if it was His will, on Tuesday the finances were gifted to us, and Wednesday evening Lucy came home.  She is such a delight, and I adore her.  Lucy does sleep in our bed, so she’s on me or near me always.  When we get up in the morning, it doesn’t take long for her to want to be in my lap.  Yes, sometimes I even eat with her on my lap.  I know, not a good habit.  Then it is shortly after I’m up and about that she is trying to get me to sit down so she can curl up next to me.  She never tires of being near me or on me, literally.  I feel like God is saying to me, “That’s how I want you to approach time with me.  You can never be too close or have too much time with me.  I want to be with you, near you, involved in everything all the time.”  I have been told that I spiritualize too many things, but so what.  I do believe that God uses everything to teach us and draw us closer to Him.  And He has certainly given all of us this precious Lucy as a gift.IMG_7331 IMG_3269

My third gift of white are The Whites.  The Whites are a family that we met in 2012.  We are involved through our children’s schooling as well as attend the same life group.  Life group is a group of people that we meet with on a regular basis and do life together.  We share the ups and downs of life, prayer requests, and sometimes do Bible studies together.  I have learned much through this lovely family and appreciate their hearts for Jesus and His truth.  I know I can count on Cheryl to always speak truth and point me to God and His word.  I can count on her to give truth regardless if it’s what I want to hear or not.  I can count on her to pray for God’s will over every request regardless if it’s what will make us happy or not.  She knows that a closer walk with God is far more important than feelings of comfort or happiness.  It’s been a gift to watch her kids grow and to pray for them and to know that they are praying for us.  I’m quite thankful for these Whites!