I love breakfast.  We are a breakfast family in which we require our children to eat unprocessed food.  Ours are the kids who ask for boxes of “healthy” cereal from Trader Joe’s for their birthday breakfasts or even as gifts.  I mean no judgement on families who consume cereal on a regular basis, it’s just not an option for us for reasons in which I will not bore you.  My ultimate gift at breakfast is that I get to eat breakfast with the man of my dreams.  Kids usually aren’t up yet.  And I’m just going to tell you all, this farmer of mine cooks my farm-fresh eggs for me everyday.  Or he makes pancakes or waffles, sometimes crepes when I can eat the flour crepes are made from.  We have yet to find a good crepe recipe using almond flour.  I am a spoiled wife.  I can admit it, and I am thrilled to do so. I am not a morning person.  I have prayed for a revision of my soul and being to become one.  I have gone to bed earlier to no avail.  I am just not a morning person.  There have been a few rare occasions in which Father God has woken me and gifted me with the ability to commune with Him in the wee hours catching a sunrise with Him, but it has mostly been alone.  Not that I have given up the morning quest, but I am resting in the fact that it is what it is.  Perhaps someday, I will become one.  My breakfast gift is sitting beside my farmer eating the most incredible eggs together on a regular basis.  And yesterday we actually enjoyed left over roasted redskin potatoes along with our eggs!  Good times right there!!


This prompt was intended for February 20th, I just didn’t get the blog post written last night.  And yesterday’s gift at lunch was time spent with a precious friend.  I have shared that I have not felt at all good, and we are going on several weeks at this point.  I haven’t been out much other than when absolutely necessary.  Mainly because I get worse when I have gone out, so I’m a bit gun-shy to go on voluntary outings.  I texted said friend a few days ago asking for prayer that I do not become a recluse.  I really love being home, and I have not been depressed about having to be home.  Thus, it hit me when I declined an invite from my farmer to go to the mall with the kids the other night, that I need to be purposeful in not getting comfortable being home all the time.  I easily become a creature of habit.  She immediately responded with a text telling me that she was taking me to lunch on Friday. I accepted a bit reluctantly, trusting that God would give me the energy to get to and from the restaurant without needing additional assistance.  He did.  We had a lovely lunch and uplifting conversation.  She was my gift at lunch.  Thanks Friend!


After getting kids to their classes yesterday and home again with a fabulous lunch in-between, I was pretty wiped out for the rest of the day.  Thus, this didn’t get written yesterday.  My man was also fatigued and worn out from the week, so we decided not to go to our life group meeting but stay home as a family and just rest.  Parker called in an order from a favorite Mediterranean restaurant, and we sat around the family room eating deboned chicken and salad in front of a fire.  Sweet, wonderful gifts.