IMG_7398There are a few reasons that I’m posting both of these together and have felt guilty, even, for not posting yesterday. I’m refusing said guilt as I realize that once again, God’s timing is perfect. I am going to admit that the last couple of days have been just icky.  I have not stopped counting the eucharisteo.  There are entries in my journal, I promise.  But I still have not felt like writing or begging the kids to write on the family eucharisteo board.  I think I even threatened that I’m not doing the board anymore, that I’m just going to do this all by myself with the best mother’s guilt I could muster.  This being thankful thing is supposed to be a happy thing that everybody is rushing the board to write all that their hearts are thankful for each day so that I can take a picture of it and put it on the blog! Instead of being a happy thing for me, I got my feelings hurt at the lack of enthusiasm from my kids.  In all fairness to my farmer, he has been very enthusiastic and came home from work wondering where the blog post was.  I love my farmer.  Enough of my whining and on to the list.  Ironically, although my children hurt my feelings in not writing on the board as I had asked all day, they were the source of all the laughter I heard throughout the day.  My Grace is often a source of laughter and an instigator of it.  It didn’t take very long and I heard her laughter ringing out as we prepared or cleaned up from breakfast.  IMG_7386

Then it was the giggling of both Garrett and Grace as they are often extremely silly throughout our school day.  I also heard my own laughter as I laughed along with them.

Today’s prompt is three gifts in working.  These people in the photos are my work.  I am truly living my dream job!  I am a teacher by trade and loved being in the classroom prior to having Riley in 1999.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything other until I had my baby girl.  Then I couldn’t imagine not being home with her.  I love working in my home with my kids and now I have the honor of schooling them as well.  I love keeping our home in working order and working alongside them and my husband to make our home a sanctuary for our family.  I love cooking and discovering new recipes and creating through knitting and drawing and other various art forms.  I love cleaning up and seeing the results of a family functioning together.  I love that God created us to work.  You have to admit, it’s a great feeling to wash all the water drips and toothpaste spit off those mirrors pretty much daily. Yes, I know, I’m weird.  But these are my gifts in working. And I haven’t even mentioned the gardening during our spring and summer months.

IMG_7390  IMG_7435 Way yummy deviled eggs made with avocado!!  Hand knitted hats for all!  I didn’t figure you all wanted to see the bathroom mirror, especially since I have yet to wash it today.