No picture of family eucharisteo chalkboard this day.  Mom, here, dropped the ball.  Today’s gift prompt needed to be announced early in the day, which did not happen.  So my gifts I will record here.

1. 11:30 a.m. I sat snuggled with my two youngest loves watching a very silly movie laughing at stupid stuff.  Good times!

2.  2:30 p.m. found me thankful for a couch on which to rest.

3.  6:30 p.m. I enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared for me by my farmer allowing me to rest more.

You may notice lots of resting here today, and I truly am thankful for a life that allows rest as I have been dealing with an issue that requires much physical rest.  It’s not a constant in my life, but rears its energy-draining head from time to time and gives me no option but to rest.  It is in these moments when I see how God ministers to my weary self through my amazing husband and kids and family and friends.  He has provide everything I have needed and so much more.  He does always, even when I’m functioning fully, but there has been such added sweetness to these last few weeks of intentional physical rest as I’ve counted the eucharisteo, the Grace, Thanksgiving, Joy!  So a hearty thank You, Abba!  I am living the eucharisteo.  If you are also participating in the February Eucharisteo or keeping your own 1000 gift journal, I would love to hear how it has blessed you.