Christmas 2012 I received Ann Voskamp’s book one thousand gifts from a most precious friend.  It wasn’t until this past Christmas that I read it.  After finishing Ann’s book The Greatest Gift this past December, I felt the nudge to start one thousand gifts. I must insert at this point that I truly, truly love God’s timing.  I kept looking at this beautiful book for the past two years and knew He would tell me when the time was right.  I have read Ann’s blog, A Holy Experience, throughout the years and had gone through the advent book twice.  Her poetic writing is spell bounding and beautiful.  I knew it was only Him who was holding me back for just the right time.  I read through it quickly, often rereading chapters to my husband the next day.  He eagerly awaited what I would share. In fact, I am about to reread it already.  This time I will read it aloud to my “farmer” and kids.  My Parker is not a farmer at all in the literal sense, but he certainly is in a figurative sense to me and our three kids…and chihuahua. Father God has used many books besides His own to heal me and guide me along this path, and He had completely prepared me in the last two years to read and practice the truths found within this book.

I have not blogged since last February, again knowing He would gently nudge when it was time again.  Today He nudged.  I’m excited.  On Facebook, I run across posts from her blog and book and was most excited to see February’s prompts to count 1000 gifts.  I had started my eucharisteo (thanksgiving) journal when I started the book in December, but loved the idea of using the prompts daily for myself and the family.  Thus far, I have posted my prompts on Facebook, and was nudged today to use my blog to post them for a more permanent journaling, if you will.  So, I want to “publicly” say thank you to Ann, full of grace, for living and sharing this eucharisteo, especially the hard eucharisteo with the world.  Practicing eucharisteo is changing me, it does always precede the miracle!

Since it is February 3, I will include my lists from the 1st & 2nd.

February 1  Three Things Red

1. Strawberries.  I just love them-how they look, smell, & taste!

2.  My hair.  I truly disliked this color growing up.  The 70’s was not kind to awkward little red-haired girls.  But I’m thankful for what the teasing and unwanted attention taught me, and I quite like it now, even as the white highlights slowly appear!

3.  Red berries against brown twigs and glistening snow.  Simply breathtaking!  Throw a cardinal amongst the branches and oh my…IMG_7453

February 2  Three Gifts On Paper

1.  Books, books, books (God’s word being my most favorite)

2.  Love notes & letters from friends

3.  Thoughts and feelings written on journal pages

February 3 Three Gifts Found In Writing

1.  Truth in texts from a precious friend

2.  Poetry

3.  Recipes written in Momma’s hand