Years ago my husband and I heard a message from Tim Elmore.  Growing up in church and going to a Christian high school and college I have heard many, many speakers.  But there are a few whose words have seared into my heart and taught me life lessons I have never forgotten, nor have I stopped attempting to implement their truths into my daily life.  Tim Elmore is one of those speakers.  He gave a talk on the Tree of Life at our church and encouraged us to live in it so as to show life to those who so desperately seek it.  He gave four branches with very simple concepts that have changed my heart, how I look at life, and how I live it.  A diagram hangs in my kitchen for our family to view daily.  The first branch is simply, “Be Grateful.”  When you approach your day or situation or entire life being grateful for who Father God is and how He has manifested His HOLY presence in your life, it changes your perspective.  It will change the vocabulary in which you describe your circumstances or situation.  It’s incredibly difficult to become or remain bitter when you are thanking your Holy Abba for all He is, what He’s given you, and what He will do and be in your life.  Try it, I promise.  I promise!

…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.   I Thessalonians 5:18