Walking home this morning I felt Your breath encompass me.  I looked up and saw a dark cloudy sky covering the brilliance of Your sun.  Some of the trees are already dark and barren, a black silhouette against the grey sky.  I saw another form of Your beauty in those barren tree limbs.  For in them awaits the hope and beauty of new life.  You reminded me of Your closeness in the most barren times of my life.  The babies You created in me were with You and I was completely barren.  I still feel the closeness of You during those days, it was sweet and solid, a promise of life to come.  Like the trees today, it will be months before that life is revealed.  The trees wait patiently, standing strong through their winter, they wait for new life.  And I will wait…expectantly waiting for my miracle, the miracles You have intended for me at the times appointed.