Had an interesting experience this morning as I was driving.  It’s one of the only times that I purposely put music on in my life.  I love it, I just don’t think about turning it on.  One of my very favorite cd’s is Big Daddy Weave…don’t even remember the name of the cd; it’s fortunate that I could retrieve their name.  🙂  One of the lyrics in one of the songs states that “My spirit feels the change as my heart cries holy.”  The truth of that flooded over  me as I was worshiping our God through that song.  All my concerns and fears just go as I focus on the Holiness of our Lord.  It would be nice if that one time of living out that song covered all of my life, but I know that I must continue to cry “Holy” to Him and seek His glory each day…several times each day.  I need to experience the change daily! 

I’ll attempt to get the name of the song and cd and maybe even the lyrics when I can get my hands on the cd case.  🙂