Parker and I were shopping the other day for Easter gifts for the kids and I mentioned something specific that the kids had wanted.  I told Parker that I would do just about anything to give those precious three whatever they wanted.  It wasn’t anything that would “spoil” them, just a certain treat that they loved.  It was as if God whispered to my heart as I said it, “I feel the same way about you!”.  I am moved to tears at this moment remembering all the things He has given me; huge blessings like Parker and my kids and friends and family, shelter, provisions continually.  Then there are the many, many small things that He knows will make my heart smile and cause me to pause and thank Him; beautiful birds, sweet breezes, gorgeous sunsets, fun animals, breathtaking scenery, the sweet toes of children…I could go on and on.  Just recently, yesterday as a matter of fact, He revealed another precious gift to me.  We have to move again in the very near future.  When we found out we would be moving some weeks back, in my heart of hearts I had a few hopes.  I may have voiced a couple of them to my husband, but one I did not.  I wanted a birch tree.  It didn’t necessarily have to be in my yard, just one I could see from a window in our home.  In our old house (Flat Rock), there were two beautiful birch trees that I loved.  They were simple comfort and beauty to me.  I have missed those trees deep down, I know it’s weird, and for those who know me best, no other explanation is needed.  This past Sunday, we found the house we will be moving into in less than a month.  There are beautiful mature trees, it’s in the neighborhood that Parker and I have always loved.  There are details in the house that are exactly what we had hoped for.  Even the timing of when we get to move in is what I had hoped for…I get to plant flowers!!!  There are even flower boxes on the house.  I did look for my birch tree in our front yard and the neighbors’…not there.  I wasn’t even disappointed, just thankful that God has shown us our next “home” for the time being.  Then yesterday, Parker asked if I saw my birch tree!  I don’t know how I missed it.  It’s right outside the very large windows of the family room in our backyard!!!!  It’s beautiful.  I drove down the street this morning, and there it was, so beautiful.  He didn’t have to do that.  But He wanted to because He knew it would make His princess smile, and that I would pause and thank Him.  Wasn’t going to the cross and conquering the grave enough?  His love knows no end.  

So, thank you Abba, I love my tree!!!  …and my windows and floors and flower boxes and even the colors and the location….hee