As stated in an earlier post, I am reading The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge.  I highly recommend it!  God, The Most High, in his wildness and holiness pursues me with a love that is unquenchable!  I cannot put into words what this does to my heart with its woundings and bruises and fears and insecurities.  It would take too many words to explain, at least in this setting…perhaps another day in another format.  But as I read a portion of chapter 6, The Almighty challenges my heart for He knows how I like to protect this heart…albeit damaged to certain degrees, as we all are.  It’s all I have and I so often take on the duty of keeping it safe or what I perceive to be safe.   In the earlier part of chapter 6, the author speaks of God creating the angels and the rebellion that takes place as a result of the freedom He graciously gave them.  Herein lies the challenge to me: 

The wildness of giving us freedom is even more staggering when we remember that God has already paid dearly for giving freedom to the angels.  But because of his grand heart he goes ahead and takes the risk, an enormous, colossal risk.  The reason he didn’t make puppets is because he wanted lovers. pg 78

Who am I to hold back any amount of  love or vulnerability from anyone, particularly those who have hurt my heart?  If God almighty is willing to love us/me at any cost, I must die to my self (my desire to protect my heart), and love openly, even at the cost of more hurt or the reopening of old wounds.  I can trust Him, the ultimate lover of me and my heart, with any further hurt that may come … and will come. 

I love you, Jesus, and I trust YOU!  Take my heart and make it wholly Yours to love those who need You; those that You love and gave Your life for.