Fat Tuesday is here which means Lent begins tomorrow.  I grew up protestant, still am, and didn’t even know what Lent was until I was an adult.  A few years ago, I began practicing Lent as a means to give up sugar or treats to help me get my sugar addiction under control.  I still didn’t really use it to help prepare me for the Easter season.  It was a means to an end; to feel better physically as well as shed some of the holiday weight that I would pack on.  Once Easter arrived, I started all over feeding my sugar addiction knowing in the back of my mind, I could just give it up again come next Lent.  This year, I plan to give up sweets again, but my focus is a bit different.  I felt God prompt me to dig a bit deeper in this, to focus more on Christ and the sacrifice He gave for me.  He sacrificed His life and blood for me so that I could have eternal life with Him.  But that’s not where it ends.  Not only am I granted eternal salvation, but He came so that I may have life to the fullest here on Earth.  He didn’t die for me so that I would continue in bondage in my earthly life, but that I would know His freedom both here and in Heaven.  So, this year, we will approach this a bit differently.  My focus will be to dwell in Him and how He satisfies my soul and my physical being.  I do not need a substance, I need only Him.  My husband and kids are also giving up sweets (not natural sugars) for Lent.  It is my hope to lead them to a deeper relationship with Christ and the freedom they have in Him.  So, happy Lent and a blessed Easter!