I spent this morning with my three kids at a baptism class at church.  I am still awed at the extravagance of the gift Jesus gave us.  I’ve been in church since I was 6…wow, 34 years…I’ve heard the salvation message and why we get baptized so many times and yet, it continually moves me.  Who am I that He is mindful of me?  His giving knows no bounds, His love is perfect and unending.  And He does it for me, because I’m His.  I was created for Him to love me, and in turn I love HIM with all my heart, soul, and mind. 

God, help me love You more and desire to know You more in this coming year.  Thank you for another year to do Your work here and to anticipate our Heavenly home. 

I’m excited to see where God will take us this year.  If you have come across this or purposely sought out my blog, know how much He loves you as well and recognize the blessings He is constantly pouring over you.  Do you know that He is singing over you?(Zephaniah 3:17)  Listen carefully and you will hear…