I had to drive to Lambertville to my dentist last night.  There is a store that I pass every time I go that I’ve always wanted to go into.  Either time or their hours have kept me from being able to go.  Well, last night they were open and I had the time.  I walked in to look at the Christmas decorations and such, and to my amazement, there before me stood bins and bins of beautiful yarn!  And books!  This was in a garden center, Jacob’s Garden, so I was so surprised to see this little yarn shop tucked in along side a coffee shop.  Now, this may seem like no big deal to most people, but to the knitters out there, you understand my glee!  He brought me to the luscious colors of His pastures and gave me time just to browse and touch the yarn and to look through books…and in the back ground I could hear the trickle of the quiet waters of the fountains in the garden center.  He led me to His rest.